Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Makeup I Packed For a Short Trip

So classes start on Monday for me and my boyfriend and I are gathering up our dogs for one more trip to parents' before I won't have time to visit for several months. I probably won't get to see them again until December, which makes me sad. :( It takes 5 hours to drive there so we're leaving early today and we'll be there until Sunday afternoon. I showed you guys what I brought with me when I visited them for a week and a half earlier this year (that post is here). I thought I brought more than enough makeup then, but I ended up not wanting to wear anything I brought, haha!  This is a shorter trip so I'm bringing much less and it was so hard to narrow it down.

Haha, editing the pictures right now I realized that I forgot to pack mascara! Phew, glad I didn't forget that. If I could only pick one item of makeup to wear it would be mascara as it alters my appearance the most. Invisible eyelashes for the loss!

This time I picked the the bag I was going to use BEFORE I picked the makeup I was taking. This definitely helped me not try and bring my whole collection. And I am inordinately proud of myself that I only brought one blush. Haha, I have the worst willpower ever if I'm proud of that. I'm seriously considering trying to stuff another one in the bag, but I must resist!

Here is everything shoved inside the bag. It fits, I promise!

I love this bag; it's from Tarte.I'm on 2 different auto-delivery things of Tarte makeup from QVC and each time I get sent a different purple bag. I have 3 right now and love them all!

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Good job on packing. I would spend maybe 5 hours trying to decide what makeup I should bring. Thank heavens for palettes.

  2. I have that PF powder and I really like it. Enjoy your trip! =)

  3. Have a good trip!

    This is why I like DG blush minis - can taek all teh blush!

  4. Have a good trip! Cute makeup bag!

  5. I want that big fat brush! & that bag is *super* pretty! I love quilted bags and I love a deep purple so it is win all around!

  6. I went for a week-long trip and actually packed five palettes with me LOL. I can't decide what I really want when I go on trips, so I seem to always over-pack my makeup.

    I love that cute purple bag, though. I would like to find something similar.

  7. Hee hee packing light! Have a lovely time :)

  8. I love that bag! Is that the WnW Lust palette I see? I bought it and I use it ALL the time now, it comes with me on my work travel trips!


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