Friday, August 12, 2011

Lip Layering Experiments

So, I should be studying for my test right now. But I'm writing this blog post instead. I'll just compromise and make it a QUICK blog post.  The worst thing for me about being busy all the time (besides not getting to sleep as much as I want) is that I don't have time to play video games anymore. I can't just play a game for an hour; it isn't satisfying for me. I have to set aside huge blocks of time to play games. And I don't HAVE huge blocks of time. Luckily summer is a bit slow on good game releases so I'm not missing much. But fall and winter are going to be crazy and I don't know how I'll be able to keep up with all the games. Here are some of the games I'm looking forward to- Gears of War 3, Dead Island, Elder Scroll IV: Skyrim (!!!!), Saint's Row: The Third, Mass Effect III, and probably more that I can't think of right now. I STILL need to finish Red Dead Redemption, and I want to play the Mass Effect games again before part 3 comes out in March. Oh, and I still play WoW (World of Warcraft) about once a week, mostly to PvP (arenas) with my boyfriend. I've been playing WoW off and on for over 6 years, so I am more than just a bit bored with it.  What games do you guys play? And no, Farmville doesn't count! Just kidding, I used to play Farmville, too. :)

Anywaaaaay, on to the good stuff. Here are just a few random lip layering thingamajigs I had laying around in my "to post" folder.

This is Wet n Wild's 525D lipstick under Wet n Wild This Too Shall Glass lipgloss.

This is a mix of Wet n Wild 520E and 511B lipsticks with Hard Candy Gorgeous lipgloss over it.

This is NYX Pumpkin Pie lipstick and NYX girls Peach gloss.

Thank you for reding and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. 2nd and third are definitely WOW worthy! so lovely and great on you

    Vonnie of

  2. These look so great on you! I heard that NYX Peach gloss is a good dupe for MAC Lychee Luxe. Should I get NYX Peach?

  3. @Vonnie- Thank you! I just wish I was more comfortable wearing bright colored lips.

    @Chris- I don't have Lychee Luxe but I dislike the lipglass formula in general. I really Like Peach and I think it's great for layering. It is a bit sheer, though. I'm not sure how well it would show up on darker skintones and more pigmented lips than mine. Although the NYX Girls lipglosses are only $1.75 at Cherry Culture right now so you wouldn't be out too much if it didn't work for you!

  4. Soo pretty! I love them all. The last one with NYX Pumpkin Pie looks especially gorgeous on you!

  5. Those are all so pretty! I love the second and the third one especially.

  6. I'm really digging the peachy/pumpin look at the end! Very awesome.

    I'm replaying Mass Effect right now! I want to have two Shepards for ME3. I just beat Portal 2 single player and co-op (with my BF). Also a super cheesy (but awesome co-op!) game called Earth Defense Force: Inssect Armageddon that just came out! (It's a sequal to EDF:2017)

  7. I love the second one, it's so bright and juicy!

  8. My favorite is the second pic!

  9. Oh man that second lip look is so gorgeous and bold that it would stop traffic!

    I'm jelly that you can pretty much rock any color out there! :)

  10. Ooooh these are all so pretty! The middle one is probably my favourite though. :)

  11. Ah, I always love your lip swatches! I used to game BIG TIME when the PS1 was out. I then entered university for 8 years and that all went to sh*t lol! Now that I have my job, I unfortunately work between 50 to 60 hours a week and still can't fit it in :( My favourite game of all time is Metal Gear Solid for PS1. When I have more time, I am going to get a PS3 or maybe an XBOX because I'm dying to play Bioshock, Halo, and Call of Duty.


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