Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FOTD- Intrepid Old Gold

Ugh, so tired! Of course it's my own fault... if I could go to sleep at a decent hour I wouldn't be so exhausted. But my body seems to insist that days are 28 hours long instead of 24, so each night I want to stay up later and sleep later the next day. It doesn't hurt that I had like the worst Monday ever. I would say that two of the things people hate most is going to the dentist and going to a car dealership. Monday I did both. I woke up at the ass crack of early (aka 9 am, but early if you went to bed at 5 am) to go to the dentist. I got two fillings and two crowns. Cost me $1400 WITH insurance and I still need a crap ton of dental work to go. And apparently I got too much of the numbing crap so until 7pm that night it looked like I had a stroke because the left side of my face would not move. Which made for much merriment for my brother, whom I had to take to the car dealership to buy his first car. So not even a car for me. By this time I was nauseous from the numbing crap, having had 4 hours of sleep, and not having ate that day yet. And this whole time half my face was frozen like a victim of botched plastic surgery. We were at the dealership for 6 hours. I finally got home from the day from hell and fell asleep at the ridiculously early hour of 11:30 pm (I'm not being sarcastic. That is early for me).

So, this story has nothing to do with the makeup I'm going to show you, since I wore it last week, but I just wanted everyone to commiserate with me on my horrible day, haha.

My hair looks weird because it was wet!

Here is what I wore:

Eyes- MAC Old Gold pigment on the lid, L'Oreal HiP pigment in Intrepid, and Tarte Amazonian Clay eyeliner in Rich Green

Cheeks- Geek Chic blush in Strawberry Shortcake

Lips- Wet n Wild MegaLast lipstick 902C Bare It All and Kiss My Sass gloss in Caribbean Escape

I'm glad my facial paralysis was only temporary. Or I'd have to wear one of those half masks like the Phantom of the Opera guy.


  1. Yay for Old Gold! I have so many MAC pigments I never use. I should mix them in a bowl...then eat them! Haha.

    1. ONG, Chris, you made me laugh. I wasn't expecting the "eat them" part, haha. I LOVE Old Gold. I only have a sample of it and I'm really trying to make it last.

  2. I'm not sure if it's just because I'm looking at them right above the picture of your eye w/ the gold shadow, but your lips have this ethereal golden glow thing going on. Kind of awesome!

    Your day does sound like it was exhausting. I like going to the dentist, but I have also never had any major work done. I'm sure if I do (when I do? it's bound to happen) that I will hate them with a passion.

    1. It might just be the flash from the camera, haha. But i think the gloss i used has a bit of aglow to it.

      I don't really mind actually going to the dentist, it just takes FOREVER. I'm too impatient

  3. Absolutely gorgeous colours! Love this shade of gold on you.

    BTW, I've been getting a malware warning in Chrome for the last couple of days when I visit. I decided to ignore it today and comment, but thought I'd mention it to you.

    1. Oh no! Thank you so much for mentioning that. I heard that there is something going on with blog rolls. I'm going to try and remove mine and see if that clears it up. I noticed I was getting less traffic and that must be why.

  4. I totally feel you on the 28 hour day thing. I struggle to keep my sleeping patterns regular, I really wish the days were longer to accommodate me!

    Love the look, I think the gold looks great against your hair colour. What mascara did you use? Your lashes look fab!!

  5. OMG I HATE THE DENTIST (and car dealerships, for that matter)!! The anesthetic makes me sick to my stomach and it takes FOREVER to wear off on me for some reason! I feel your pain.
    Anyway,I really like what you've done with your eyeshadow!


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