Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm Feelin' Cheeky with Benefit's minis

Benefit Feelin's Cheeky minis
To be honest, I've been feelin' cheeky for months now in that my blush obsession is showing no signs of waning.  But I have grown a bit bored with regular ol' powder blushes and have been trying new things.  I have several cream blushes, but until now no cheek stains.  I had been eyeing Benefit's cheek stains for awhile, but refused to pay $28 for a bottle of red-colored water.  Well, at least that's how it looked in the bottle.  But when Benefit released their mini collection of 2 cheek stains and the ever-popular High Beam highlighter for $15, I was all over that like white on rice.  Or maybe I should say brown on rice because I prefer brown rice. ;-)  I wonder who made up that saying anyway...

Well, I'm grumpy today because I have a toothache, so we'll get right to the pictures.  I actually have a toothache every other day or so, but I can't afford to go to the dentist.  So I'm just hoping the nerve in my tooth dies soon and leaves me in peace.  Ugh.

 These bottles are 0.13 oz each while a full size bottle of Benetint is 0.40 oz.,  Posietint is 0.42 oz, and Highbeam is 0.45 oz.  You're getting a total of 0.39 oz in the minis for only $15 while Benetint and Posietint retail for $28 for nearly the same amount (Highbeam is $24).  So you're getting an awesome deal.  Especially for someone like me who would never use up a full bottle.

Benefit Feelin's Cheeky minis
Biggify to see the ingredients.

Benefit Feelin's Cheeky minis
Aww!  Baby sized bottles!  If babies needed blush and highlighters that is...

Benefit Feelin's Cheeky minis size reference
Here are the minis posed next to a mini sized bottle of China Glaze and a regular sized bottle of China Glaze for size reference.

Benefit Feelin's Cheeky minis
I swatched heavily on the left and blended out on the right for each color.  The order is Posietinit, Highbeam, and then Benetint.

Posietint is the consistency of a loose, watery gel.  It is bright pink and milky.  You can apply it sheerly if you want but it also can be layered on for blindingly hot pink cheeks.  This stains and has no smell I could detect.

Highbeam is not a stain, it' a creamy pinky pearl highlighter.  It isn't thick or greasy feeling at all.  This can also be packed on for more intensity or sheered out even more than my swatch shows.  This one washes off easily with soap and water.

Benetint is the exact consistency and viscosity of water.  It is very concentrated in the bottle so you only need a little bit.  It dries quickly so you only have a little time to blend this in to your skin if you don't want splotches or streaks.  This one stains and smells like roses.  Literally.

This is after scrubbing my arm with soap and water on a washcloth and waiting an hour for the redness to go away.  These stains on my arm took two full days and two showers to disappear.  The good news is that it faded evenly and looked pretty natural the whole time.  Well, as natural as a red and hot pink stain on the inside of your arm can look anyway.  I didn't do cheek swatches because I had other blushes I didn't need my face stained.

  • A great deal
  • Affordable way to try cheek stains
  • Will last awhile as a tiny amount goes a long way
  • Long lasting on the face
  • Highlighter blends well and is not too over the top
  • Looks more natural than powder products if you don't over apply
  • VERY easy to overdo
  • Not very forgving in application
  • Will stain clothes/ counter tops, etc

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I really adore the look of posietint!

  2. I have high beam but havent tried the cheek stains. I'm digging the color of the Posietint though!

    ps tooth pain is THE WORST :/ feel better! xo

  3. @Vijaya- I'm sure you've seen the ChaCha one. Now I really want that one too!

    @shimmer- This set was totally worth the $15. And thank you for the well wishes! Why do dentists have to be so expensive?!

  4. Benetint/Posietint never really worked for me, personally, but I LOVE Highbeam! Moonbeam is super pretty too. I don't rate benefit as much as I used to, but I'll repurchase those two over and over.

  5. @Robyn- My favorite from Benefit are their cream eyeshadows. They last forever on me without primer. I just wish that they came in brighter and more interesting colors.

  6. i dont find them easy to overdo
    but i hate the package!!!


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