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Tarte 8th World Wonder Set swatches and review

I have always thought of QVC as something old ladies watch and get suckered into buying things they don't need.  Well, maybe I'm partially right... but it's so much more than that!  I didn't realize they sold some of my favorite makeup brands like Tarte and Smashbox.  And you can often get better deals from QVC than you can from say, Sephora. Also QVC often has exclusives that aren't available at other retailers.  For example, QVC often offers sets of items for a low price that would retail for over 3 times as much.  And that is exactly what this post is about.

I had been craving the Tarte 8th World Wonder collection for weeks and I finally caved in and bought it.  I'm so glad it did!  The kit has 7 items and I bought mine for a little over $48 (with tax and shipping it was almost $58, but still totally worth it).

This kit includes:

  • 1.7 fl oz Amazonian clay balancing foundation SPF 15 with brush in choice of Fair, Light, Medium, Tan or Deep
  • 0.008 oz. Amazonian clay automatic waterproof eyeliner in Golden Plum
  • 0.14 fl oz Pure Optic moisturizing lip gloss in Golden Pink
  • 0.24 fl oz Lights, Camera, Lashes! volumizing mascara in Black
  • 0.20 oz Amazonian clay 12-hour wear powder blush in Glisten
  • Amazonian clay long-wear eyeshadow palette with four 0.06 oz shades: Dark Brown; Shimmering Bronze; light Sand; and Shimmering Plum
  • Deluxe Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush
  • Purple Braided Makeup Bag 
I see that the kit is still available on QVC but the only foundation option is in Deep.  In my opinion it would still be worth it to buy the kit even in the foundation shade is completely worng for you.  The other items in the kit are way worth the price.  The foundation brush itself could probably sell for $48.

Now on the pictures and swatches!

Everything came packed in this bag.  The bad is lined and feels nicely made and not cheap at all.  I hate how in some sets the bag always feels like a cheap afterthought, but this one is really nice.

All the items in their plastic packaging.  The set also came with a sample of Tarte's new Maracuja Oil.

Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush

The brush is really big, soft, and fluffy, but dense enough to buff on foundation.  I have large hands and it still looks big.  It IS big.  The brush is vegan and has a recycled bamboo handle.  The brush really did make my foundation look soft-focused and air brushed.

Pure Optic lipgloss in Golden Pink

It looks just like a Stila Lip Glaze doesn't it?

I am so bad with these pen lip glosses.  I always make too much come out.

Picture taken with flash
This washes the color out a little bit, but is pretty color accurate.

Picture taken under a light bulb
This makes the pink look warmer toned than it really is, but accurately shows the thick texture, incredible shine, and all the gold glitter.

The gloss doesn't impart much color on my lips, but the gold shimmer/glitter is really pretty.  There is a lot of the glitter, but it still manages to be delicate looking.  The gloss is mint scented and flavored.  It is very thick, but not as sticky as MAC's Lipglasses.
Amazonian Clay blush in Glisten
The flash washed the color out a bit.  It is darker and pinker.

Swatched heavily on the left. Blended out on the right.
The color is a pinky coral with gold shimmer.

Amazonian clay automatic waterproof eyeliner in Golden Plum

This is a plum brown shimmer.  It really is long lasting too; I couldn't remove it rubbing with a dry finger.  However it came off really easily with makeup remover.

Amazonian clay long-wear eyeshadow palette
The recycled bamboo case is really beautiful and it feels heavy and substantial in your hand.  The magnet holds the lid closed securely but it is not hard to open.

The colors are from left: Dark Brown, Light Sand, Shimmering Bronze, and Shimmering Plum.  The shadows are pigmented and soft and don't kick up a lot of dust when picked up with a brush.  The plum is more of a matte with shimmer pieces and doesn't swatch as pigmented as the other 3 colors.  It works better applied on the eye over primer rather than swatched on the arm.  Which is a good thing because most people wear eyeshadow on their eyes... not their arms!

Here is a look I did with the eyeshadow palette and the eyeliner.  You can tell they aren't patchy at all and blend together beautifully.

Amazonian clay balancing foundation SPF 15 in Fair
I blended the foundation out to the right of the swatch and it looks a little bit too yellow for my skintone.  However on my face it is a pretty good match.  I have a hard time finding foundations light enough and this one is.  The texture is almost mousse-like.  It is soft and creamy and dries down well.  It is more coverage than I'm used to but I was able to buff it down using the foundation brush.

The ingredient list.

Overall, my favorite items are the blush, eyeshadows, and foundation brush, but they are all awesome and I don't find a dud in the entire set.

Here is a quick rundown of the products:
  • Brush- big and soft, not at all scratchy.  Is dense enough to buff, but not too dense.
  • Lipgloss- thick and glossy with a mint flavor.  Sheer with lots of gold shimmer.
  • Blush- incredibly pigmented and soft.  Not too powdery. Very shimmery.
  • Eyeliner- Pigmented and doesn't tug on your lids. Long lasting but removes easily with makeup remover.
  • Eyeshadow- Soft, pigmented and not patchy. Blend well and don't fade.
  • Foundation- Only available in a few shades which may not match everyone. Soft, mousse-like texture.  Better applied with a foundation brush and buffed in.


Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!

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