Monday, March 28, 2011

China Glaze DV8

This post is going to be short but sweet.  That's okay... most people just look at the pictures anyway!

DV8 is part of China Glaze's limited edition OMG! collection.  You used to be able to find these still at online retailers but I haven't seen any for sale in months.  Your best bet is to swap for it or pay the ridiculous eBay prices.  I only have this one and L8R G8R  I just wish I had bought the whole collection when I had the chance!

You know some nail polish you wear just because how easy it is to apply?  Well, this definitely isn’t one of those.  Quite the opposite really. Terrible cuticle drag and bald spots and shows imperfections on nail and from application easily.  The good news is that it dries pretty quickly, but you need to let it dry pretty well between coats so you don’t get bald spots.  This won’t stop me from using the polish because it’s so damn pretty, but it is a hassle that I’ll save for when I feel like messing with it.  Polish was pretty thick, and I had to use lots of thinner to get it to a workable consistency. It felt like I put half the bottle before it made any difference!

This is 2 coats (maybe could have used 3).

DV8 is a medium teal-ish blue holographic.

DV8 in full sun

  • Probably just eBay these days.

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