Friday, May 3, 2013

Rainbow Honey The Robot Collection Swatches and Review

Another late post! But luckily these are still available. I was sent these polishes from Rainbow Honey's The Robot Collection to review awhile ago and I'm just now getting to them. But no matter, just like anything Rainbow Honey does the concept is amazing and the product and attention to detail never fail to blow me away. To be honest, before trying the polishes I was unimpressed by the concept of black and white glitter over different colored chromes. But I can admit that I was wrong as the polishes look really great together. I am completely converted. So much so that I went and bought a full size bottle of the glitter, Yoshimi, because I was afraid of running out.

Rainbow Honey has the best packaging and design out of pretty much any company I've ever ordered from. Everything is consistent and well-thought out to the tiniest details.

This collection is special because along with the regular .5 fl oz (15 mL) bottles for $10 you can also get all 6 polishes as a set of 4 mL bottles for $25 (the set of full size bottles is $50).

The mini bottles DO NOT have mini brushes, thankfully. The brushes are full sized and easy to use.

The metallic chrome polishes might not be entirely unique, but they are very well done. You probably could get away with one thick coat, but I thought they looked better with two thin coats. The amount of metallic pigment (aluminum flakes) makes the texture a tad thick but I didn't find them too difficult to work with.

Rainbow Honey Bitty Love Bot in the sun
Bitty Love Bot - Sparkling metallic aqua

Rainbow Honey Bitty Love Bot in the shade

Rainbow Honey Femme Bot in the sun
Femme Bot - Sparkling metallic peony

Rainbow Honey Femme Bot in the shade
Rainbow Honey Dusty Bot in the sun
Dusty Bot - Sparkling metallic lavender

Rainbow Honey Dusty Bot in the shade
Rainbow Honey Lucky Bot in the sun
 Lucky Bot - Sparkling metallic agave

Rainbow Honey Lucky Bot in the shade

Rainbow Honey Skyward Bot in the sun
Skyward Bot - Sparkling metallic cerulean

Rainbow Honey Skyward Bot in the shade
Rainbow Honey Yoshimi over Bitty Love Bot, Femme Bot, and Dusty Bot
Yoshimi - A truly mod black & white combination of glitters sprinkled with a bit of iridescence

This is one coat of Yoshimi dabbed over the base colors. It applies really well for this type of glitter as long you don't try to brush it on like a regular polish. Dabbing is the key here!

Rainbow Honey Yoshimi over Lucky Bot, Skyward Bot, and a random nude frankenpolish

Disclosure: I was provided these polishes for consideration by Rainbow Honey. My opinions are my own and as always, my first priority is you lovely people who read my blog.


  1. The colours are pretty, but the glitter is the most interesting to me. :D

  2. You're right, the glitter really makes this collection sparkle (oh the puns) I like it over the green and also over the nude color you made.

  3. I REALLY love that black and white glitter!


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