Monday, April 29, 2013

MAC Ablaze, Embrace Me, and Silly Lipsticks From The 2013 Fashion Sets Collection

MAC lipsticks from left- Ablaze, Embrace Me, and Silly
Okaaaay, I'm super late posting these lipsticks from MAC's 2013 Fashion Sets collection because just like all MAC limited edition products, the popular ones sell out FAST. Within a few hours fast or even sooner. But who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and your local counter will have some left. Or there is always eBay if you get desperate enough. And maybe one day MAC will repromote them!

I usually don't fall for the hype of MAC's limited edition collections just because I find the sales tactics a little distasteful. Sure it works for them because a lot of hype is built and people fight to throw their money at MAC and get the "privilege" of purchasing a really popular item. To me, I would rather not have to work to give a company my money. I think that if they want my business they should fight for MY business, haha. I don't feel like stalking a website for hours to buy something. Luckily with this collection I had a friend who picked up the lipsticks I wanted without any hassle on my part. So, so awesome of her.

The lipsticks themselves are okay to pretty good. The colors are GORGEOUS and I like the matte look, but they are extremely dry in texture and drag across the lip when applying. I have to wear a light layer of lip balm underneath for them to look their best. That being said they were definitely worth the price to me.

MAC lipsticks from left- Ablaze, Embrace Me, and Silly
These are a bit brighter in real life.

MAC lipsticks from left- Ablaze, Embrace Me, and Silly
Swatches are in the sun.

MAC lipsticks from left- Ablaze, Embrace Me, and Silly
These are in the shade. The colors are incredibly pigmented. Nothing sheer or weak here!

MAC Ablaze matte lipstick
Ablaze was the one I was most unsure if I would like it or not. But I love it! It's a really gorgeous coral.

MAC Embrace Me matte lipstick
Embrace Me is my favorite one, unsurprisingly. I tend to gravitate to these types of colors lately. It also seems to be the most dupable. Milani Rose Hip is similar but not nearly as matte.

MAC Silly matte lipstick
Silly is probably my least favorite, but I still like it. I just don't think I pull off the paler Barbie pinks too well.

Good luck finding these if you don't already have them. Like most popular things MAC will probably release them again and there will be another huge frenzy!


  1. This collection is still yet to launch at department stores and the counters (this Thursday).

  2. Beautiful! Yours are some of my favorite swatches I've seen of these. I think if I'd gotten one, it would have been Ablaze. I didn't, but I do love a good coral.

  3. This collection is good....nice post...I am gonna to give them as gift to my wife on her birthday....


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