Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Really Loving These $1 Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils From elf

I have a lot of eyeliners.  And while most of my makeup is drugstore, the majority of my eyeliners are not.  About 75% of them are Urban Decay.  I love Urban Decay's eyeliners for their staying power and range of colors.  I won't claim that these $1 eyeliners from elf are just as good as Urban Decay's, but I find them pretty damn good.    A little disclaimer about me first- my skin is pretty average, not too dry or too oily so while things will crease or smudge on my eyelids, my eyes are super finicky and pretty much anything will last on my upper lash line as long as i wear a primer.  My only issue is that I have super watery eyes and this always eat up my eye makeup in the inner corners of my eyes, no matter which primer I use.

Even with my watery eyes I had good wear time with these liners.  They lasted all day (12 hours) until I removed them.  They are rather creamy and soft so those with oily lids may experience so smudging.  I was surprised at how pigmented these are. With other cheaper liners it usually takes a few swipes to build up the color on my lid, but not so with these.  They are a good inch shorter than Urban Decay's pencil, but claim to hold more product- 0.05 oz vs 0.04 for Urban Decay.  Good thing these liners are only $1 because it feels like you lose a lot of product when you sharpen them.  And speaking of sharpening, they have a sharpener built in the lid.  While this may seem convenient, I find it more annoying.  Also due to the sharpener there is a big open space in the cap.  I'm worried that this will cause the liners to dry out faster.  Overall I'm really glad I purchased these and now wish I had bought more.  For $1 they are worth a try.

Here you can see the big gap in the lid due to the sharpener.

From left- Precious Pink, Grassy Green, and Twinkle Teal

This is Twinkle Teal on my upper lash line and Precious Pink below my bottom lashes.

Here I used Grassy Green on my upper lash line and Precious Pink below my lower lashes.



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  1. I have been eyeing these for ages after seeing them on A model recommends. There's a bronzey one I quite like!

  2. THAT TEAL. Omg, that teal. <3

  3. These look awesome. I'm gonna have to get some, especially since they're only a dollar. Thanks for the review and swatches. :)

  4. I have the pink one and really like it on my waterline, the others look lovely too! I wish they were that cheap in the UK!

  5. Wow, these look like they work really well for $1!


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