Sunday, April 17, 2011

Drugstore Deal of the Century- Physician's Formula at CVS

Okay, I know I said no more hauls.  Well, that lasted about... 2 hours.  But wait, before you judge me, let me explain!  So I knew that Physician's Formula was 40% off this week at CVS.  Physician's Formula is pretty pricey for a drugstore brand so even at 40% off I wasn't going to buy anything.  But then someone left a comment on Nouveau Cheap's post about the weekly drugstore sales that there was a coupon floating around on the internet for $5 off any Physician's Formula.  40% off plus $5 off means you will pay anywhere from nothing to a few bucks per item.  So of course I printed out 50 million coupons (okay, it was 9) and headed over to CVS.  And they took ALL the coupons.  I paid about $15 for $100 worth of makeup.

Oh, before I forget, here is the link to the coupon.

Here is a picture of my receipt (with credit card details blanked out with a noob photoshopper's best friend- clone stamp!)

So these are the 9 items I bought.  4 of the items (the 3 on the right and the eyeshadow) are gifts. I was really hoping to find my favorite drugstore concealer there- Circle Rx Circle Control Concealer, but it was sold out.  Oh well, that just means I get to go buy more stuff at a different CVS!  Oh, and I don't think the concealer makes my dark circles fade at all.  I just love the coverage and the color matches my skin.

So what are you waiting for?  Get thine bum over to CVS NOW!

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. You're a lifesaver. I'm totally printing the coupon out. Thanks a bunch. By the way, I have family that lives in your town. :)

  2. Ooh, I can't wait to see what you get! You live in Texas too, right? I'm originally from Austin and I would love to move back but my boyfriend loves his job here so I'm stuck for the time being!

  3. Oooh I miss CVS :( I am orignially from Massachusetts (where there is a CVS on every corner) and live in Oregon now where there are NONE! However, my brother works at CVS, so I may just have to send him on a makeup shopping spree ;-)

  4. Do you really need all three heart compacts? ;) Just kidding, no judgment. Another blogger bought one of those, broke it, then went and got herself a few more as backup. Frankly just looking at them kind of makes me happy!

  5. @ shimmer

    Haha, you'll have to make your brother print out and use all the coupons too! Do you have Rite Aid in Oregon? I wish we had them here!

    @ Liz

    Of course I don't NEED them, haha. But I am a blush fanatic and for a buck or two I couldn't say no. Half the stuff I bought is for gifts, though (haha, they'll never know it cost me $1!). Funny thing is that these are the second heart blushes I bought today. I also bought the Stila one from Sephora that I've been wanting with the Beauty Insider 15% off coupon. I'm a sucker for sales.

  6. WOW! You DOMINATED the CVS! I cannot believe how much you got for $17 bucks! You are my sale hero!

  7. We do have Rite Aid here! I haven't been there much....Any tips on what I should check out there??

  8. @ shimmer
    Do you read G's blog, Nouveau Cheap? She is always talking about stuff she gets from Rite Aid. You should check it out if you don't already. I wish I had Rite Aids near me!

  9. Ooh, nope I haven't....going to do some reading up right now ;-) Thanks!

  10. I made a great haul myself thanks to your post, thanks for sharing this :)


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