Friday, July 15, 2011

Physician's Formula Canyon Classic Matte Eyeshadows

I originally bought this quad because I was looking for a matte powder to fill my eyebrows with.  It does work really well for that, but I rarely use it mainly because i lazy and also because my eyebrows are in need of some TLC.  They look like light brown furry caterpillars. So it's a good thing I took these pictures before they grew into the wild messes they are currently.

I also don't own too many matte eyeshadows and was looking to expand my collection.  I had a coupon for Physician's Formula so I decided to pick up this quad of neutrals mattes.  To be honest, I wasn't expecting much.  I was expecting hard, shadows with little color payoff.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that these were pretty soft and pigmented.  They were a tad powdery, but nothing that gave me any problems.  I actually haven't worn this quad since I first bought it several months ago because I have been in a colorful, sparkly eyeshadow phase, but seeing the picture makes me want to pull it out again.

Ugh, I hate how CVS puts those ugly stickers on everything.  I wouldn't mind if they were only on the outside packaging, but they try and put them on the products themselves and they're impossible to remove.

I also wearing a mix of the two medium shades on my eyebrow.

  • Sold at most drugstores and retails for $6.75

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  1. Ooooh, these look really nice. WTF is up with that sticker though?

  2. I am surprised at how pigmented they are, especially considering that they are from PF. I recently bought the Shimmer Strips blush/bronzer and OrganicWear mascara, which I hope to review soon.

  3. All the drugstores put stupid stickers all over everything. UGH.

  4. @Robyn- I was pleasantly surprised by these. That is always nice! And yeah, the stickers piss me off.

    @Chris- I've had some pretty good luck with PF lately. I really like their Happy Booster blushes and the SPF 50 powder foundation. I'm curious to see your reviews of what you bought!

    @Vijaya- I haven't noticed Walgreens doing it, or at least not in an intrusive way. CVS is just ridiculous!


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