Friday, June 10, 2011

Swatches From Two of Essence's Limited Edition Collections

Here I have some random things from 2 of Essence’s limited edition collections.  I thought I would put them together as I don’t even know if they are available anymore.  So, this post is probably a waste of your time.  But pictures are still fun, right?

I’ve put off writing this post mostly because the name of this one collection annoyed me.  C’mon, “Whoom Boooomm!!”?  Yes, that is boom with 4 Os, 2 Ms, and 2 exclamation points.  A little over the top.  But I love Essence’s limited edition collections and was willing to overlook the horrific name.

I’m not even sure if this collection is available anywhere anymore.  I know Essence is primarily sold at Ulta in the US, but I always buy mine at my local grocery store and they usually have the limited collections.

From left- Colour-Changing lipgloss in Muse Marilyn, and eyeshadows in Chacalaca and Muse Marilyn
From left- Colour-Changing lipgloss in Muse Marilyn, and eyeshadows in Chacalaca and Muse Marilyn
This lip gloss is one of those that is initially one color but changes with the heat of your skin.  It goes from a blue tint to a pink.  The left swatch of the gloss is swatched thick to show the blue color and it is blended out on the right to show the color as it looks on the lips.  I actually liked this much more than I thought I would and even considered buying a backup. But this was before I realized that I NEVER use anything up, no matter how much I like it.

The eyeshadows are really pretty, but don’t really look all that pigmented over bare skin. (Sorry, forgot to take a pic).   But they look amazing over a sticky base shown over Pixie Epoxy here) or when used wet.  Here is a look I did with them over a glittery blackened base, MAC’s French Quarter.

Lipgloss when first applied
Lipgloss after 10 minutes
Lipgloss after 45 minutes
Now on to the next collection!

These are eyeshadows from Essence’s Black & White collection.  I don’t have a nice basic black or white eyeshadow and these were like 2 bucks each so I figured they were worth a try. 

Black Out and White Hype

I was really hoping that they would both be matte as it looked like they were in the pan.  However the white is a satiny frost.  It is still really pigmented and I ended up liking it after my initial disappointment.  I don’t own a whole lot of matte blacks, but I’ve swatched a lot and have never really been happy with them.  They always seem patchy and sheer.  But look at this one.  It is smooth, even, and pigmented.  My arm kind of makes it look shiny, but it isn’t.  It may not be the darkest black, but it is matte, and I’m really happy with it.  And you can’t beat the price!

  • Everything in this post was somewhere between $2 and $3.  In general I don't think Essence has anything priced over $5 or $6.  Essence is sold primarily at Ulta in the US, but if you live in Texas you might be able to find it at HEB grocery stores.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. OMG I want Chacalaca! BOO I havent tried their eyeshadows yet. I need to...damn you ;-)

  2. I really like that lip gloss!! Great swatches (:

  3. @Maribeth- Haha, sorry! At least they're cheap! And it feels like I have to buy something from every one of their limited edition collections. They get me every time.

  4. I like the packaging of the l/e collection.

  5. Cool post! I had never heard of Essence before, I'll have see if I can find some of their stuff!

  6. Whoa! I didn't know you could find Essence at HEB!! When I go home for break I'll have to check that out!


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