Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics Swatches and Review

I’ve been buying indie eyeshadow like crazy lately.  Before a month and a half ago I only had Fyrinnae.  Now I have shadows from at least 10 different companies.  Needless to say I’m a little behind on swatches.

I can’t remember where I first heard about Antoinette’sRevolution Cosmetics as they seemed to pop up on many of the blogs I read almost simultaneously.  It just goes to show the importance for small companies to have good relationships with bloggers because Antoinette’s Revolution is a new company and already other blogger’s reviews prompted me to place an order.  My order arrived quickly and was packaged well.  In addition to my order I got a free sample of Pink Rose.  There is a TON of eyeshadow in the sample baggy.  This is good, because I love the color!

I wish I could afford to buy all full sized shadow from every company I shop with, but it just isn’t feasible for me.  Plus, I will NEVER get through a full sized eye shadow and prefer the variety I can get with samples.  I passionately dislike samples in baggies just because I’m a clumsy oaf.  Thankfully ARC had an option to order your samples in jars.  All you have to do is add the empty jars to your cart in the same amount as the number of samples you ordered and they will put the samples in the jars instead of baggies.  I think this is a really neat solution and also saves the hassle of having each eyeshadow color listed three times- one for sample baggie, one for sample jar, and one for full size.

It all came wrapped in black tissue paper, and my invoice has a cute pink attached to it (which you can see on top of the tissue paper).

Even my samples were shrink wrapped, which is nice.  It was a little annoying removing the wrapping as they weren’t perforated, but I think I read somewhere that they accidentally bought unperforated wrappers and so the shrink wrap usually is perforated.  That is just a tiny quibble though.  The jars also have sifters and come with a paper sticker covering the holes.  I didn’t like that the paper stickers didn’t have a tab to help in pulling them off.  I have fat sausage finger so it was difficult for me to remove the stickers.  Also the stickers didn’t really seem to do their job that well.  Over half the eyeshadow leaked passed the stickers.  It wasn’t such a big deal because the shrink wrap kept the lids in place, but I just wanted to note it.

The top labels are really cute, and there are 2 different kinds.  The OCD person in me wishes that I had an even amount of each lid sticker, haha. 

The bottom labels are nice, too. They list the name of the color, the ingredients (specific for each color), and whether or not the color is lip safe.  My only gripe is that I find the font of the color name a little bit difficult to read, but that is really a non-issue.

From left- Damask, Dupioni, Dusty Rose, Gangrene, Gouttiere, Guillotine, Ladies in Waiting
 As I usually do, the top row is swatched dry over bare skin, while the bottom row of swatches are over Pixie Epoxy.

I was really impressed with the colors.  They are pigmented and apply smoothly.  They feel a tad gritty, probably because of the sparkles, but I didn’t find that it interfered with application or caused fall out or anything.  Even the more neutral colors are extremely gorgeous.

Oh, for some reason, when applied over a sticky base, Guillotine turns from a bright primary red to a blood-like color. I might have just used too much Pixie Epoxy, however.

From left- Damask, Dupioni, Dusty Rose, Gangrene
From left- Gouttiere, Guillotine, Ladies in Waiting
From left- Le Soleil, Louis, Marie, Pomp, Icing Collection Purple, Versailles, Pink Rose
 Versailles is one the most beautiful and unique eyeshadows I have ever seen.  It’s a greenish, yellowish, goldenish bronze color.  I don’t even care for bronze that much and I love this one.  It is a must own for sure.

From left- Le Soleil, Louis, Marie, Pomp
From left- Icing Collection Purple, Versailles, Pink Rose

So overall would I purchase from Antoinette’s Revolution again? Most definitely.  I know the little things I complained about probably seemed nitpicky, but I think there is room for improvement in any product or brand and I just wanted to give my feedback.  The product inside the jars is what matters and it really is amazing and I highly recommend them.  For such a new brand Antoinette’s Revolution seems to be doing everything right.

You can purchase for Antoinette's Revolution here.  The full sized eyeshadows $5.00 while sample baggies are $0.75.  however right now everything in the shop is 15% off.  I'm not sure when the sale ends so take advantage of it while you can!  Oh, and if you want your samples in jars, 3 gram jars are $0.59 each on top of the sample price.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. I thought that was a velociraptor on her business card for a moment then! Versailles has been catching my eye over and over, it looks like it's be perfect with Fyrinnae Fire Opal!

  2. I like how they offered jars for samples, too. Would've gotten 'em that way if I weren't so bloody skint, haha. Ah well.

    When I used Pixie Epoxy, I didn't notice a lot of fallout either, but it was pretty bloody bad without it.

  3. @Robyn- Omg, it does look like a velociraptor. Now I can't see anything else. I don't have Fire Opal, but now I need it!

    @Miss Bekka- I personally hate baggies so much that I usually won't even order unless they have samples in jars.

    I think I haven't experienced fall out mainly because I always apply loose shadows over Pixie Epoxy. They do seem fall-out prone without it.

    @Makeup Zombie- Yay swatches!

  4. Oooh, pretty! I just put in an order last week, too, and I'm so excited about it :D

  5. Wow, these look like awesome colours! Guillotine looks so cool over PE!

  6. I love Versailles! Such a pretty shade :)

  7. Guillotine, Gangrene and Gouttiere are gorgeous! (ho ho illiteration) I always think there's no way I need more eyeshadows but some of these are so pretty!

  8. Thanks for the wonderful review! I'm a little late on the bandwagon, haha. I appreciate your honesty :) And you were right... we ordered from a different supplier for the shrink wrap bands and we will NOT be doing that again, haha.

  9. Damask - it's calling my name!


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