Tuesday, May 17, 2011

High Voltage Cosmetics Review and Swatches

**EDITED 8/5/11- Unfortunately, due to widespread deceit and customer service issues from High Voltage Cosmetics, I can no longer support or recommend you buy from them. I'm keeping this post up as a reminder to myself as to how easy it is for people to get away with lying on the internet. It was really hard going back and reading this review knowing what I do now. I considered the owner a friend and I, and many others, were blatantly lied to. The only thing I will remove is links to High Voltage's website. I do not wish to provide them any traffic directly from my blog.**

This post is rare for me because I'm posting about something I just got last night.  Usually I wait forever after I buy something to post about it.  For example, I have posts waiting to be written for things I purchased over a month ago.  But I was unbelievably excited about my High Voltage Cosmetics order.

High Voltage Cosmetics is a small, indie company.  I have been trying to steer more towards buying from these types of businesses.  I want to support REAL people, not faceless, impersonal corporations.  And Jasmine, the owner of High Voltage, is just about as real as you can get. (Wow, see how I was duped? I actually believe that line. Now I know everything was a lie). She is the sweetest person; willing to go out of her way to make sure you get what you want and are satisfied with your order. 

But I wouldn't be gushing about her company if she was just a nice person and didn't have the products to back it up.  Her eyeshadows are GORGEOUS- incredibly pigmented and easy to blend.  The colors are very complex and many are duochromes.  You aren't going to find a bunch of dupey colors here.  And this isn't just your run-of-the-mill companies who only offer eye shadows. In addition to shimmery and matte loose shadows High Voltage has creme eyeshadows, eyeshadow bases, and whipped eyeshadows.  For your brows they have powders to fill them and wax to tame them.  In addition to the eye products, High Voltage also has THREE different lip formulas (four if you count their lip powders which are meant to be mixed with clear gloss or patted on top of lipstick).

Okay, enough of my overly-enthusiastic blabber, I'll let you see for yourself.

I ordered 10 random samples, 1 sample of Electric City, a full size Dirt Secret Mineral Blusher and full size eyeshadows in Mani & Sol, Rising Star, and Radio City.

The jars are 5 gram jars with no sifters filled to the brim with product.  They also aren't shrink-wrapped, but it was fine because they were safely wrapped tight in bubble wrap.  In fact, this was the carefully wrapped package I have ever received.

My only complaint is that samples are only available in baggies.  I am terribly clumsy and end up spilling powder everywhere with baggies. I would gladly pay $1.00 or $1.50 more just to have my samples in jars.

Ooo, look at the pretty silver labels.  These are some the most professional labels I have seen.  They are waterproof and list the collection the item came from, the company name, the name of the product, the ingredient list, the weight, and "Made in the U.S.A".  It's really nice to have the ingredients listed permanently ON the product.

The colors are from left: Mani & Sol, Rising Star, Radio City, Bittersweet Symphony, Aegir, and Odin
The top row of swatches are done dry on bare skin.  The bottom row is over a sticky base (Pixie Epoxy).

Sorry they are so messy.  Like I said, baggies are incredibly difficult for me to work with.

From left- Mani & Sol, Rising Star, Radio City
From left- Bittersweet Symphony, Aegir, Odin
From left- Valkyries, Ragnarok,Yggdrasil, Asgard, Starbreaker, Electric City
From left- Valkyries, Ragnarok, Yggdrasil
From left- Asgard, Starbreaker, Electric City
The only one that disappointed me is Electric City.  It looked like such a pretty yellowed-green duochrome, but when I put it on my skin all of the green pigment falls out leaving just the violet sheen.  Maybe I just got an off batch because it felt a bit clumpy and didn't blend well.

But the others are FAB!  They blend beautifully without losing their intensity and are super pigmented.

This is Mani & Sol on the lid, Radio City in the crease, and Rising Star below the lower lash line.

From left- Dirty Secret blush, Dirty Secret blended out, 5th Avenue lip powder, and Trendsetter lip powder
I was disappointed that Dirty Secret doesn't work as a blush for me.  The website describes the color as a "Bright coral blush suitable for fair skin tones" but I must be TOO fair because it doesn't look bright to on my skin.  On me it looks like a dirtied brownish peach.  It is also SUPER pigmented.  The good news is that this makes a really pretty eye shadow.  I tried it on and was surprised at how much I liked it.  And yes, it is eye safe.  High Voltage clearly states which colors are not safe for eyes.  I also think the two lip powders would make gorgeous eye shadows.

Wearing Dirty Secret blush
Holy pigmented blush Batman!

5th Avenue Amplified Lip Powder mixed with clear gloss
Trendsetter Amplified Lip Powder mixed with clear gloss
5th Avenue and Trendsetter mixed together
Ack!  I love these powders!  I have an order of lippies coming my way when I get back from vacation and I asked Jasmine to make me some custom Lip Whips using these two lip powders.

Whew, this took forever to write.  I really would recommend you purchase from High Voltage.  The owner is extremely nice and willing to help, just ask.  She is always on Twitter chatting and showing pictures of new products (@HighVoltageMU). (This is no longer true. I cannot recommend anyone purchase from High Voltage and when i last check she had deleted her Twitter account)

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Agreed on the paying extra to have samples in jars. Boo, baggies. Yay, jars!

    Did you try applying the blush with a duofibre?

  2. I really want to try high voltage makeup!! I tweet with the owner and she is so sweet and always answers all my questions. These pigment r so pretty and I really like the color combo u came up with..those lipsticks r great too. Awesome review! :D

  3. The pigmentation on those shadows look a-MAZ-ing!! Definitely going to check those out!!

  4. The black colors are pretty outstanding and look gorgeous on you!

  5. @Vijaya- Selfishly, I hope Jasmine adds sample jars! I just tried right now with applying the blush with a duofiber. It does work better at making it lighter, but it buffs away all the sparkles :( I used the e.l.f one which I don't really like too much. And my cheeks still ended up looking a dirty orange brown. I think the color just doesn't suit me on my cheeks.

    @Jess- Jasmine is amazing isn't she? You should order, you won't regret it!

    @shimmer- They really are some of the best pigmented shadows I've tried, even without primer or anything. I recommend her Norse Mythology collection, but they are all winners.

    @GenkiOriana- Thank you! High Voltage makes some amazing eye shadows.

  6. Great swatches and review! Also, thank you for doing both a row of dry swatches as well as one with PE. PE swatches look pretty, but I don't have it at this time and it is sometimes misleading to see the colours over a primer you don't have!


Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate them all and read every one!

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