Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HauteLook Urban Decay Order- Score and Quickie Blushes and Jones Eyeshadow

Yikes!  I'm super late in posting this!  I got these a few weeks ago and am barely posting about it now!

If you haven't ever been to HauteLook (personal invitation link) before they are a retail website with short, 2 day sales on items ranging from beauty to clothes to vacations.  Everything is usually at least around 50% off retail.  They frequently have sales on brands such as Rock & Republic, NYX, Stila and Korres.  About a month ago HauteLook had an Urban Decay sale.

I love Urban Decay, but have only ever bought their palettes and the eye liners.  During the sale I bought 2 powder blushes and a single eye shadow.  Everything I bought was only $5 each!  These retail for $17!  And it isn't like all of these are discontinued products or anything either because the eyeshadow I bought and one of of the blushes are still being sold on Urban Decay's website (One of the blushes I got, Score, is discontinued, though).

It takes awhile for HauteLook to ship out your purchases, in my case it took 2 weeks from when I paid, but they clearly state on their website how long it will take so it doesn't bother me.  Also, with items in high demand like palettes you need to be fast because they will sell out sometimes in less than a few minutes.

I don't think I would have paid full price for any of these items, mostly because I rarely buy single eye shadows (I prefer palettes) and I have blushes that are $17 close enough to others I have.  But they weren't $5 close enough!

See how tiny the blushes look!  They are only slightly bigger than the eye shadow single and hold 0.15 oz, which is a pretty small amount of powder for the price.

The top row is Urban Decay Afterglow blush in Score on the left and Quickie on the right.  The bottom is Jones eyeshadow.

Here is a more color accurate picture of Jones in the pan.

From left: Score, Quickie, and Jones
The blushes are swatched heavily first and blended out a bit to the right.

Urban Decay Jones Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Afterglow blushes in Score and Quickie
 I just realized that blushes  mostly all look the same on me, with just varying degrees on pinkness.  And it makes me sad. :(  Coral or peach blushes don't look like their actual colors, they just look less pink.  See Score for example:


The following is a comparison between Score and Estee Lauder Radiant Peach blush.  They are really similar, but Radiant Peach is lighter and pinker while Score is darker and more orange.  Radiant Peach is more pigmented and smooth.  If I had to choose I would pick Radiant Peach, but it is also more expensive.  The gold shimmer in Radiant Peach is more refined and looks like a sheen on the cheeks while Urban Decay's looks more shimmery.

Urban Decay's Score blush on the left and Estee Lauder Radiant Peach on the right

  • Quickie and Jones are available on Urban Decay's website and retail for $17 each.  Score is discontinued so it may be a bit harder to find.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. Score looks soooo pretty on you!

  2. great color choices!! score looks so pretty on u! I bought the matte shadows, but that was before I got inglot, now I want to sell the UD mattes I got...look for them in my blog sale

  3. @VijiiS- Thank you!

    @Jess- Thanks! I love peachy, orangey blushes. I'm glad I didn't buy any of the UD mattes because I'm trying to save up for Inglot. We'll see how that goes!

  4. Awesome post!!! I love all those peachy color tones. Especially in the summer. I recently used this new makeup brand VERHOEVEN Cosmetics. They have also these great cream blushes in all colors, like the ones you showed in this post.


  5. Score looks really nice! How weeny though?

  6. I love how urban decay formula feels on the skin. Sooo smooth and soft!!


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