Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EOTD: Pink Champagne and I Jump On The Low-Buy Bandwagon

 First, for those who just like the pictures, here is an EOTD I did using Sally Girl eye shadows that I swatched in this post.  I'm not sure why I decided to call it Pink Champagne.  I don't think I've ever drank champagne, much less pink champagne.  I'm not in a creative mood right now so this is what it's going to be called.  So there!

All eye shadows used are Sally Girl.  On the inner two-thirds of my eyelid I used Soft Pink and on the outer third I used Rose.  Above that I used Cinnamon widely in the crease with a small amount of Espresso in the crease to darken it a bit.  I used Gun Metal to highlight the inner corner and my brow bone.  For the upper liner I used Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Hazel eyes pencil in the pink color over black liner. Below my lower lashes I used Physician's Formula Glam Eyes gel liner from the green eyes trio in a silvery color.

And here is the ranty bit.  I have a few purchases I've already paid for coming in the mail and quite a bit more that I've bought previously still waiting to be posted about, but after those I'm putting myself on an extremely low-buy.  I'm saying low-buy instead of no-buy because I don't want to hate myself if I fail (and I probably will.  Just being realistic.).  The whole reason I started this blog after wanting to for about 2 years is because I recently acquired tons of free time.  While free time is always nice, I would rather be back at school, which is what I was doing before I had to drop my classes this semester.

About two and a half months ago I had to have emergency surgery that I am still currently recovering from.  Because of it I'm unable to either work or go to school.  I'm so lucky that I have insurance that was able to pay for the majority of my hospital bills. (And really, it is a bit of a miracle that I have insurance.  After not having it for over 6 years I finally got on it 2 months before my emergency.  If I hadn't have had insurance I would tried to tough it out through the pain, which would have killed me. Literally. So talk about good timing.)  But still, I owe the hospital over $1700. (And that's just from the hospital.  I still have to pay my doctor, the anesthesiologist, and the lab for my lab work.)  They told me my only options were to pay the balance in full and get a 20% discount or make payments over 2 years which would be $70 a month or so.  Yeah, I can't do either of those things.  So my bill will go to collections and eventually my credit will be ruined.

I live with my (fantabulastic) boyfriend and he has been supporting me while I go to school.  But he can't afford to pay for my millions of bills despite having a great job because he has his own hospital bills to pay for.  We're only 24 but both have had major surgeries in the past year.  We're so lucky, haha.

So yeah, I don't know what I'm going to do.  So needless to say, not very many makeup purchases on my horizon.  Whew, that was long!  Thanks to all of ya'll that made it to the end.

Thanks you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. It makes me so sad that your healthcare system would completely screw people over like that. Sorry to hear about it.

    On the plus side, low-buys can be a good thing. If you do break it, it'll only be for the things that you really want, and you get to shop your stash which is an excise to get creative. There's lots of people, including me, on a low buy right now so you're not alone! (oh first world problems!)

  2. @ Robyn
    And I am one of the lucky ones who was able to get help. And one of the few where I live who have health insurance.

    Haha at the first world problems! At least we have access to quality health care and have our basic needs met. It's so easy to forget that sometimes.

  3. Aww, I'm on a complete no buy right now, so I understand where you are coming from!

    I hope you and your boyfriend are able to manage the bills. I'll pray for you :)

  4. Wow I really hope everything works out for you :( That really does suck. But on the bright side, your makeup looks amazing :3 <3


  5. Whoa, that really was good timing with the insurance! Glad you are ok.

  6. @Ki Thank you so much. It means a lot!

    @Beatrice There is nothing like makeup to take your mind off a crappy situation!

    @ shimmer Yeah, super good timing! Thanks for the well wishes and the compliment!

  7. Sorry to hear about your rough times. At least you seem to have a positive outlook on the situation: that should help. Best wishes for as smooth a time as you can make of it, and a return to school and work as quickly as it can be. :) Cheap products can be fun to hunt for, too. :)

  8. @GenkiOriana- Things usually have a way of working out it seems! I'm sure it will this time too. You can either laugh or cry and it is way too draining to go around moping all the time. Yeah, I think the drug stores are going to be my best friends in the coming months!

  9. Ugh! It's great you had insurance, but day-um, it's too bad it's not better insurance! I'm extremely lucky that my husband is unionized, since so few workers are anymore. We have the best insurance. I have several health issues, the worst is three herniated discs in my back, and we paid nothing for my surgeries, MRIs, or other tests. I need a referral and approval for surgeries/hospital stays, but they are pretty good about that and getting it done quickly. If I didn't get the approval, they would charge me at most $500 deductible and $100 co-pay. For most people they would be happy to only have to pay that. I find it so hard to believe that our country is so backwards that we don't have universal healthcare. Our pro-corporate politicians have brain washed us against our own interests so that instead we pay ridiculous prices for healthcare or go without instead.


Thank you so much for your comments! I appreciate them all and read every one!

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