Thursday, March 31, 2011

28-Pan Blush Palette... A Lifetime Supply of Blush? Review and Swatches

I'm sooo sleepy today.  I just got back yesterday from visiting my parents for a few days (they live 5 hours away) and I'm always exhausted when I get home.  It's a combination of not sleeping in my own bed, trying to cram as much stuff to do in a limited amount of time, and chasing 5 dogs around the house.  I have 3 and my parents have 2, so it gets a bit crazy.  Plus, I'm always a bit melancholy when I get home because I am very close with my family and I don't get to see them often enough.  I feel like I'm wasting a good part of our lives together living so far away, but it's either here with the boy(friend) or there with them... and I guess I have made my decision to be here.

Boo, sorry for being such a downer!  I do have some swatches for ya! 

I used to be one of those people who thought I could live the rest of my life with one blush.  As I said in my post about Revlon's cream blushes... When I first started getting more into makeup I never thought about blush.  I went to Sephora, bought one neutral pinky rose powder blush and thought I was set for life.  I would often tell my boyfriend with an air of superiority, "How can anyone need more than one blush?"  Oh, how wrong I was.  Oh so wrong.

So when I started obsessing over blushes my next idea was that I just needed a whole bunch of colors to choose from and THEN I would be satisfied the rest of my life.  So I bought a 28-pan blush palette off eBay and thought I would be happy.  Of course I was wrong again, but that is a different story.  Let's talk about this palette.

28-pan blush palette from eBay

I bought this from eBay several months ago for $10.84 including shipping.  Like most palettes like this, it shipped from Hong Kong so it took a few weeks to get.  These same palettes are sold by resellers from anywhere from 2 to 5 times as much.  All they do is stamp their name on the front and charge a buttload more (yes, a buttload is a precise measurement).  There is also a 10 pan blush palette but it costs exactly the same as the 28 pan so I went with that one.

For example, compare this 10-pan blush palette from Coastal Scents that costs $15.95 plus shipping, to these 10-pan blush palettes on eBay that start for under $8.  Exactly the same right!?  You're welcome, I just saved you some money!

There is a big variety in the texture, pigmentation, and finish of the blushes.  Some are pigmented and apply well and some are sheer and patchy.  The finishes vary from mattes, to shimmers (some frosty) to ones containing micro glitter. 

All of these are swatched on bare, dry skin with my fingers.

1st Row
This row contains cooler-toned pinks.  This row also contains the sheerest colors, but the pigmentation still varies (you can barely see the swatch on the far left but the one of the far right is very pigmented).

2nd Row
This row is a mix of cool and warm-toned pinks with a coral or two.  I really like the blush on the far left as a highlighter on my super pale skin.

3rd Row
These are mostly orange blushes with two nudes in the middle.  You can barely see them, especially the first one, because they are almost the same color as my skin.  I'm not sure what I would use them for.

4th Row
This row has coral blushes.  These are the most pigmented of the whole palette.  Seriously, it is worth buying this palette for this row alone.

  • Really cheap.  It comes out to about $0.28 per blush!
  • Some really pretty and pigmented shades
  • A good way to experiment and see how certain colors look on you before buying more expensive brands.  For example, I've always wondered how I look in orange blush, but never dared to buy any!
  • Shipping takes awhile as it does come from Hong Kong
  • Some of the shades are sheer and patchy
  • The packaging is cheap black plastic and smells a bit funny
  • On eBay for around $10.  I've bought several things from this seller and have never had a problem, but other sellers have it for a few dollars cheaper.

Thank you for reading and have a great day/night/whatever!


  1. That's such a steal for so many colors, but the weird smell would probably be enough to turn me off. Thanks for the post!

    Fierce Nerditude

  2. The blushes themselves don't smell, just the packaging smells like plastic. It does fade over time but if you react strongly to smells I can see how it would be hard to use! I love your blog by the way!

  3. The more I look at the pictures, the more inclined I am to save my money for this blush palette!!

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